The Immortals: Walking Memories

They are Immortal. They stay within us as well as surrounding us. We may push them away consciously as we move on — as move on one should! And yet, bits and pieces of them remain suspended where we were!

I remember the story of a woman who receives the memories of a man through a blood transfusion, and her sudden, inexplicable bond with him.

In real life, there are instances of people remembering incidents and emotions they have no logical reason to remember. In a recorded incident, a person who received the heart of a murdered girl could identify her killer for the police! In other cases, recipients have started speaking hitherto unknown languages, vegetarians craving non-vegetarian food and people have seen their choices of music change – all to attributes of the donor!

Our skin cells, especially the cell membranes, carry our memories and learned behavior patterns. Cells are living entities that give us our identity and have our brand on them. Every 24 hours we shed almost a million skin cells which then lie around as dust on our tables, computers and houses! Can it then not be surmised that along with these cells, which are miniature bits of ourselves, parts of our identity and memories are scattered all around too? A little bit of all of us all around?

A lot of our instinctive learnings come through the memories that are passed down through generations. What is DNA but memories carried from our ancestors through to us? Scientists have discovered that learned information about stressful events can be passed down generations – fears, likes, dislikes. This may account for our instant and unexplained emotions towards a stranger or to certain stimuli. The difference between reptiles and mammals though is that the former live for the moment and for themselves, while mammals do think of the past and plan for the future, and are caring towards others.

As children we usually laughed it off when our elders told us to watch our tongue and not say nasty, negative stuff. Their fear was that it might come true if we voiced it. Was that because the Collective Consciousness already knew that words, thoughts, hopes and memories stay forever?

So what happens when we die?  Let’s take an example of a television set. If the picture tube breaks down, the TV is dead, but the broadcast doesn’t stop; you just get another set and the programme continues beaming. The memory is in the field. We are immortal, and just come into the system for a while to receive the transmission and to create what we thought we would create in Heaven.We create our own lives and we add to the Collective Memory bank and so make a difference!

It’s funny how people mark their lives, the benchmarks they choose to decide when the moment is more of a moment than any other. For life is made of them.

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