Yojana Magazine May Issue: Transforming India PDF Download

Download the PDF of Yojana Magazine May 2017 Issue- Transforming India by Clicking the Image Below. * Email Subscribers Only

Dear Reader, You may download Full PDF of Yojana Magazine May Issue: Transforming India at just Rs 25  

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5 thoughts on “Yojana Magazine May Issue: Transforming India PDF Download

  1. Dear Ma’am,

    Kindly provide me the password for February issue of Yojana magazine (English)

    1. Hello Leena, It is to inform you that Yojana February Issue is Paid PDF Doc. Please buy it from RT Shop at Rs 25 only. Happy Reading.

  2. Bhuvanyaa Vijay 2 May 2017 — 7:03 PM

    Dear Ma’am,

    Can this be made available for free to Prime subscribers?

    Many thanks,

    1. Yes of course it will be send to you in some time. Thank You. Happy Reading.

    2. Few words say many things.

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