Wrong Shit, Man

There is a chick once asks its mom, “Who is it flying so high?”  Mom replies, “That’s an eagle. Master of skies.” Chick asks, “Why can we not fly? We are bigger than eagles.” Mom replies, “Because we belong to the ground. And we run faster than them.” Chick asks, “So, should I focus on my running or I try to fly? Mom replies politely, “Focus on what you can do. You aren’t designed to fly.”

We, humans, are so fantasized by other things that we forget to focus on things which we can control. We are being consumed by fancy things. The social network is full of memes. Brother-zoned. Friend-zoned. Criticism. But there is one thing which people don’t want to mention. The struggle zone. No funny memes on ‘the struggle zone’. Not even a single one. There are a lot of happy faces on the social websites, but are they really happy?

Humans. This is 2018. It’s time to become either an Ostrich or an Eagle. Doesn’t matter. Each one of them is specialized in their own fields. No matter what, an Ostrich becomes an Ostrich and an Eagle becomes an Eagle. But today, a human becomes a lot of humans.

Understand the motive. Just you want to be great is not enough. You must know why you want to be great. 


Good day!

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