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For International Women’s Day 8 March 2017, we’re asking you to #BeBoldForChange
International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.
Yet progress has slowed in many places across the world, so global action is needed to accelerate gender parity.
urved_arrowgif30 INDIA’S GENDER ‘EQUALITY’

During the last 50 years, there is a change in perception towards women. Constitutionally, the women of today enjoy similar opportunities with men.

The participation of women in the mainstream workforce is continuously increasing. They are largely employed in banking, hospitality, healthcare, and other server sector industries.

However, they have minimal presence in manufacturing and engineering industries. In comparison to women, the top managerial posts are generally held by men. This may be due to the fact that men who are already at high position prefer to appoint men at higher positions.Question mark guys duo

Jobs that require physical strength are also mainly dominated by men. In general, men are believed to be physically stronger than women.

Gender inequality is most commonly found at workplaces. Very often they’re denied of equal pay. Even in corporate environment women have to face various challenges. The Glass Ceiling Effect is also believed a reason for inequality against women. Glass Ceiling Effect refer to the invisible barrier that obstruct a women to rise to higher position in spite of having merits on the basis of education, ability and part tract records.

Even women who work outside home and earn a good income are expected to spend time with children and complete the household works.

The Feminization of Poverty also reflects the indifferent treatment that women face throughout the world. It is unfortunate that women constitutes a greater proportion of world’s poor.

Women Empowerment is now considered a human rights issue. Gender inequality cannot be fully eliminated merely by the legal and administrative measures.

The educated people should develop a national consciousness of the positive impact of gender equality. There is a need for changes in perception towards women. The human society would be most advantaged only if women are treated equally and are not deprived of their rights. Let us hope for a society where women are not discriminated because of their gender.

Equality should be for all, regardless of gender, age, race or nationality. Everyone should command the same respect, and enjoy the same opportunities. That means respecting women without qualification and never thinking or treating them in a disrespectful way.


Over the last three years, there were over 24,000 reported dowry deaths in India.

As many as 70% of married women in India between 15 and 49 years of age are victims of beatings or rape.

According to UNICEF, foetal sex determination by unethical medical professionals has today grown into a ₹1,000 crore industry in India.

Although child marriage is illegal in India, almost half of all women between the ages of 20 and 24 years were married off before the legal age of 18.

According to a report, India shows “extremely high” levels of gender inequality, with a Gender Parity Score of 0.48, compared to an ideal score of 1.

A recent survey revealed that the median wage for women in India was 27% lower than what men make.

According to the National Crime Record Bureau’s 2014 report, 39.8% of rape victims in India are girls under the age of 18.

While the male literacy rate of India stands at 82.14%, the female literacy rate is only 65.46%, with Rajasthan having the lowest female literacy at 52.66%.

And despite an improving child sex ratio, India still ranks an abysmal 127th out of 146 in the United Nation’s Gender Inequality Index.

Will You #BeBoldForChange?


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