Umm, IT policy was first introduced by Karnataka govt. in 1992.. So? ..It is the Aviation Capital of India.. They easily accept migrants  … Hell!

Tech cities do not come out of the blue, there is enormous effort and money involved in there making. Bangalore (Bengaluru), The Silicon Valley of India was made to what it is today due to the work from ages..

Here are Some Reasons..

{ Bengaluru was Ruled by Great Rulers who were passionate about Technology –
Mysore was ruled by Kings like Tipu Sultan and Krishna Swamy Iyer who had great passion for technology and invested huge amounts of money in research and development of infrastructure… }

Bengaluru is a diverse outsourcing hotspot- The Silicon Valley of India has moved from delivering volume based work to IT, ITES, KPO and other technology related services; and has become best outsourcing hotspot of India.
Research based platform- It is the ‘science centre’ of India with over 100 R&D centres.

{ And you know Bangalore was the First city in Asia to be electrified in 1906 owing to the Shivasamudram Hydropower Plant, City also boasts good urban infra,public transport… }

Government: Karnataka government has taken various measures like reducing tax rates, easy compliance standards, robust connectivity services, simple exit norms etc. which have improved ease of doing business, especially in Bengaluru, giving boost to business culture.

{ NH44(longest NH), Developments of Konkan Railways and Golden Quadrilateral both pass through the Bengaluru- attracts student from nearest-distant cities/states -more..  }
Climate: due to proximity of sea, Bengaluru has soothing climate throughout the year.

{ Cum’on  where there is employment people will definitely go there… 

But climate affect people life in longer terms… }
Education: Bengaluru was always a great education hub. Government has even expanded its’ colleges reach worldwide through exchange programmes.
Culture: Bengaluru was a highly cosmopolitan area even before it became the IT capital of the country. Even in the 70’s and 80’s, there was huge linguistic diversity, people could not only communicate in South Indian languages but also well versed in Hindi and English too.
Nature of people: by nature, people are welcoming and relatively easy going. They are not aggressive and welcome new comers and new ideas easily.

{ Delhiites …. }

Close Proximity to other Metros like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai.

Okay, So How it Impact Indian Economy?

  1. It Boosted business and corporate culture.
  2. Increased FDI into the country by three folds.
  3. Helped in reducing unemployment.
  4. Revolutionised service sector in India through outsourcing, call centres, entrepreneurship etc.

Due to these factors – the number of persons either graduating or migrating has disproportionately increased in Bengaluru…

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  1. Fact 👌👌👍

  2. I feel that it is partially true but I don’t feel the same case for mechanical engineers…..as we don’t have the same kind of opportunities but yes for the software it’s a performance based growth place to stay…

    1. I agree to you brother, Bangalore is IT hub but progress is performance based here. Nice Article

      1. That’s true…I love Bangalore

        But I am a mech er.

        1. Me Too

          1. .me too is my favourite reply..hahaha..irrespective to the contest of reply

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