Who is Funding Islamic State ?

The group, which has established a proto-state in the self-proclaimed ‘Caliphate’ that stretches from the suburbs of Damascus(Syria) to the outskirts of Baghdad(Iraq) comprising 8 to 10 million people, is one of the best funded terror outfits in the world.

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It has a religious police in the ‘Caliphate’ and is also running schools, food points and other administrative centres. Besides, it is fighting a protracted war on its borders against several enemies — the Iraqi and Syrian national armies, rebel forces and other jihadist groups such as Jabbat al-Nusra.


  • Usually terror organisations are run on money they receive from international donors.
  • The IS is also getting money through this channel.
  • According to a Washington Post report, the IS received up to $40 million in 2013-14 from businessmen, wealthy families and other donors in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE.

Other Source: Unlike other terror groups, the IS is not only dependent on international donors for revenues:

  • Ever since it captured the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa in 2013, the IS has expanded its financial muscles along with its military capabilities.
  • According to the Rand Corporation, the IS’s total revenue rose from a little less than $1 million a month in 2008-2009 (when it was called the Islamic State in Iraq) to perhaps $1 million to $3 million a day in 2014.
  • One of the means of revenues was tax collection in the ‘Caliphate’.
  • the group charges retail stores about $2 a month in taxes. A report by Thomson Reuters estimates that extortion and taxation by the IS could fetch the group around $360 million a year.
  • Kidnappings: According to some estimates, the jihadist group has made at least 20 million in 2014 through kidnapping for ransom alone. The IS has also looted banks in Iraqi cities that fell to its hands. Mosul was a case in point.
  • Looting of Bank: When ISIS captured Iraq’s second largest city in June 2014, jihadists ran over the city’s central bank looting $429 million
  • Historical artefacts in black market :The IS has also set up a Ministry of Antiquities whose main job is to sell precious and historical artefacts in black market and generate cash
  • Oil Trade: Oil Trade is Single largest source of income. The group controls six of Syria’s 10 oil fields, including the big Omar facility, and at least four small fields in Iraq, including those at Ajeel and Hamreen. ISIS has established a network of oil trade starting from the production fields to the end user in and around the ‘Caliphate.’ IS’s daily revenue from oil trade at $1.5 million. They sell oil to independent traders at the oil fields who will get it refined in the mobile or local rudimentary refineries established in Iraq and Syria and then the refined product would be taken either to the IS-controlled or private oil markets or to the neighbouring countries such as Turkey where traders would buy it.

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  1. It was said that all the Pakistani celebs who were working here in Bollywood,used to earn from India and later on they used to pay tax there in Pakistan government. Unfortunately Bollywood was Funding them too… but then all the pak celebs were ban from Bollywood.

    1. Hey Vinayak! don’t you think they’re not ‘Terrorists’

      1. Yeah you are right they are not ‘Terrorists’ totally agree!!!!
        but on the other hand they will have to pay the tax to their government there in Pakistan am i right…
        They are the one who are supporting the terrorists…

        1. Here I would differ a little, they’re not supporting terrorism, like Priyanka Chopra (Indian Actress) do Hollywood Films nd Paying Tax to Indian Government but not supporting Naxalism in NE or Terrorism in J&K.

          1. You yourself work in Cameroon but paying Tax to Indian Government(‘M not sure here)

          2. arey dea… i am not saying they are terrorist…
            The government there is funding the terrorists…

            1. that’s true!

            2. Please Read-https://reignitetwenties.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/pakistan-an-untold-story/

      2. Atif Aslam & Rahat fateh ali khan are my Favourite singers but then too…. country comes first 🙂

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