What India really needs: cow protection or protection of human rights?

Upholding of the above fundamental rights and civil rights of the citizens comes as a prima facie responsibility of the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. Ironically, instead of upholding the rights of the women and minorities (those in dire need) we have drifted to a different path.

10 thoughts on “What India really needs: cow protection or protection of human rights?

  1. Read about the story of Diana Samarasan whose initiative is advocating for human rights for people with disabilities worldwide. Link: https://columntribe.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/changing-lives-disability-rights-fund/

    1. Thank you. That was an interesting read. I myself have spend a majority of my time with people with disabilities.

  2. All we know that at least 60 % of populations are under 30-35 years old which u also heard what prime minister always referred to this ..u know why,bro ? because they just know that all things became sad if youths don’t contribute in them…and direction of country also decided by the youths ….even if u think once by own that which sectors is in india where thirteen or fourteen donot work ? u might think over it practically…
    If being something wrong,i’m sure there must be a silent hand of any corrupt leader or corrupt ppl..

    1. I get where you are coming from. So how do you want the youth to contribute?
      Just by foddering “all fields” doesn’t come up as a solution.

      1. yeah,u’re right but whynot we all give at a try ? things r developing just in slow motion…

        1. now, should wait for a while and think over them that wht is good or bad..

  3. Big issue…! And i know it can be solved by only and only indian youths not by some dramatic leaders …we,indian should over this and take action…but we don’t bcoz we don’t have time *

    1. What course of action do you suggest?

      1. many issues r there …u already familiar with mother cows and now have looked to devorced system and their fight , now come to capital in delhi,here looked that tamilnadu strikers who are in jantar-mantar foe last many days …what all these ?

        1. Vishal, i am relating to the topic of the article. You cannot reach anywhere by paddling in all directions.
          Since you said that only youth can solve the issue at hand, i am just curious to know your opinion.

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