VISION IAS 2017 PAPER 2 (Indian Polity)

Topics Covered- Working of Indian Constitution

♦ Central Government: President, Vice President, Prime minister, Central Council of Ministers, Parliament ♦ State Government: Governor, Chief Minister, State Council of Ministers, State Legislature ♦ Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations ♦ Local Government: Panchayati Raj, Local Urban Government ♦ Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts, Subordinate Courts ♦ Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive; Ministries and Departments of the Government. ♦ Elections ♦ Transparency & Accountability- RTI, Citizen’s Charter, e-Governance)

Dear Subscribers, The answers with explanation of Paper 2 will be posted on Sunday (19
Feb 2017) ; Test 3 will be posted on the same day after 9:00pm IST.
Try to solve Test 2 (Paper 2) within 3 days. Good Luck. RT
Topics to be covered for TEST-3
Physical Geography: World  [Certificate physical and human geography – Goh Cheng Leong
 11th NCERT: Fundamentals of Physical Geography]

● Solar System & The Earth: Origin, Geological History, Motions of Earth- Rotation, Revolution
● Latitude & Longitude
● Lithosphere: Earth’s crust, Rocks, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, folding & faulting, Continental drift, Plate tectonics, Ocean floor spreading
● Landforms across the world: Rivers and lakes, Mountain and Peaks, Plateaus
● The Atmosphere: Structure, Weather & Climate, Solar Radiation, Heat Balance & Temperature, Pressure & Winds, Water in the Atmosphere, World Climate Types
● The Hydrosphere: Ocean water and their circulation
● Soil Geography: Types, Erosion, Conservation

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