The Unbounded You


We are enslaved by the chains of life; some chains hurt our soul and prevent us from being self. However, some chains are beauty of our lives like the delicate chains of  relationships but remember, we are born free not to be tied in chains of relations, we have to break those chains that keep us imprisoned, terminate those relations which stop us in achieving our ultimate goal. we need to free ourselves, hanging on prevents us from moving forward. we need to recalibrate our life’s energy and unbound all chains because a life in chains always exerts spontaneous pressure to transform our core personality, this is its very nature and it strangulates.. gradually, left us with only one option to perform or to perish and in such circumstances we may either do wonders or get finished.

chains in life.. really sucks!!

But never be an escapist, be a warrior, never kneel down to life. have some faith in self, you may not know how you gonna win but you just know that you not gonna lose. you have to break every chain… and rise.

Nobody else is going to unbound you but you have to be strong enough to fight for self.. free yourself..    go fast..

kill first..    die last..

one shot..    one kill..

no luck..    all skill..

P.S. Please, no comments on this post. I need some rest.
We used to be free,
We used to walk through life like a breeze,
I don’t know why, but life has been dragging us and keeping us busy by throwing complexities ; 
Let’s leave everything behind,
Let’s toss the stresses and the pain goes away,
Life is beautiful, Let’s live our way.
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