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Toward A Better Life: Change Everything

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One of the workers’ rope was behaving impulsively as it was possessed by a demon. But there was no demon. It was air currents. The worker couldn’t maintain his balance and he got slipped. The rope was independently connected means one’s rope doesn’t affect another’s one. But he wasn’t so lucky. His ribs touched the ground first and everything became motionless. She saw the accident. All of a sudden, screams ruled the environment but nothing could bring him back. She stepped out of the scene. 

She came back to her room and was in shock. She didn’t eat anything that day. She didn’t talk. She stopped going to her work. She stayed at her home all the time. One day she saw something which changed her mood and mind entirely. And that was


It made a deep impression on her. She stopped thinking about the accident and started searching for the ways to stop such kind of accidents. She quit her job. After a week of deep thinking, she got an idea. She said to herself, “What if nobody has to go up and windows get cleaned?” She thought about a machine. A flying machine. She started her research. She found that it would take a lot of electronics which she was perfectly ignorant of. But she believed that she had a clear vision. 

She approached a man who was in the electronics field. She said whatever she knew about her idea. The man was surprised and said, “You can use a very long wiper instead of it.” She said, “For your small house, yes. But what about a 10-storey building?” He said, “Yes. You are absolutely right. Let’s work on it. When are we starting?” She said, “Now. Here are some pieces of information which I collected. Go through them. And get back to me .” She went out.

They started working on it. They managed to get money from their savings and after 11 months of hard work, they made a wonderful machine (flying). They made a unique and incredible compact flying machine which can be operated from the ground.quadcopter-flying-1024x768 It was fitted with small wipers. So that you didn’t have to change the wiper all the time. They showcased the working machine. And it didn’t take much time to convert that compact flying machine into a product. Yes, they started a company. People never saw anything like that. She took the post of CEO and the man accepted the post of CTO. Now, she didn’t have any boss who could stop her playing her favourite tracks. 

Her product was used where she targeted. And the revenue started going up. Nowadays, it has become a toy and is used in various sectors. She loved what she was doing. And she found a way to satisfy her needs. Solve problems. 

One day when she was being interviewed, the interviewer asked her, “Why did you start this company?” She took a deep breath and replied swiftly, “Because that worker wanted me to.”


 – – – – – The End – – – – – 



By Shubham Paul

I'm a wizard who doesn't know magic tricks. I spend my day with my coffee and my work. I just love what I do.

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Whoa! This is a motivating story on how to think and take steps to start one’s own company. Thanks for sharing. i couldn’t stop when I was reading – good plots!

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