This Diwali

In the present times, the festival of light a.k.a. deepawali (or diwali) has been reduced to an area of fretful brightness. On one hand the people are confused with respect to the economic development of the country, and on the other hand businesses are confused with respect to the spending strength of the citizens of this country. A dire state of confusion brought out by certain debacles. Yet, International Monetary Fund (IMF) MD Ms. Christine Lagarde has assured us that the country of India has everything already or soon enough it will have what it needs. An ambiguous statement coming from an agency which is primarily dependent upon facts, statistics and data. Well diwali this season certainly is fretfully bright.


In festive terms, this means that we either don’t need anything, or soon we won’t. In either scenario there is no point in us being given anything. Why not, if we have everything then we won’t need anything; or if we will have everything then what’s the point on receiving anything further?

On the other hand, we know that the recent economic interventions have taken their toll, and if Nietzsche was alive and would have gazed into his wallet this diwali, an empty wallet would have gazed back into thee.

Either way, this diwali presents an existential crisis for the people of Delhi. No, not because of the Supreme Court orders or because of the failure of central and state governments, but because of their own spirit. As I stand at the center of Delhi, I can’t help but monger over the nightmares for the people this Diwali. Probably a silent, smokeless diya-lit diwali? A diwali that is traveling back to an era where everything was fine, an effluent ram rajya in the times of existential crisis. Probably, an era before the world discovered gun powder.

At times like this I see a few youngsters smuggling in a carton full of fire crackers. Well, apparently they found out the loopholes in the Supreme Court orders or probably the ram rajya failed.

Either way, I am still wondering’ what to gift to the loved ones this Diwali. Emojis? WhatsApp forwards? Fishy Diwali greetings on Sarahah? Well, thoughts matter not the anonymity. So why not? Probably we can put some hearts into it. Something to lift our spirits up. Something that would urge the government buffoons to slash their wrist and come up with pollution free crackers. But wait, does it matter?

It’s Diwali right. The day of festivities, light and happiness. We’ll do what we do every diwali. Ignore, encompass and celebrate.

Me, well I’ll do what I know best. Sharing my day with my dear ones. Celebrating a green Diwali.

Yes. A happy Diwali to you too!



Boringbug is a blogger, a sketch artist by hobby, and a lawyer.  His blog Boringbug is a part reflection of his ideas, experiences, dialogues, thoughts, and opinions. It can be reached at or at


19 Replies to “This Diwali”

  1. Wonderfully written! one day this had to happen so why not today let’s begin this green diwali from this year so that in the upcoming years we could breathe less polluted air.💞
    Happy Diwali👏✨

    1. So true. As it is said “change begins with us, for we are the change”.
      Thanking you for your wishes. Hope this Diwali turns out to be the harbinger of joy and prosperity for you and your loved ones.

  2. Great write up ! Nailed the conflicted emotions not generally associated with this season perfectly. The mental image of youngsters and other daredevils lugging their contraband of crackers was the best. Happy Diwali!

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