They Were Poor, But Happy

A couple of days ago, when I was working out, I peeked out of the window for a little time. I didn’t expect anything from the scene outside. But I happened to see a small boy with a lady. They were very poor but weren’t begging. They were sitting outside a park, under a tree. The evening was beautiful and charming. So did the lesson.
I saw the boy sitting on the dusty ground playing with his crafts. He had a stick, a broken one, a stone and a slightly bigger one also. The lady was sitting right beside him, watching his actions constantly. I still don’t know, whether she was his mother or not but she seemed. So, this boy was playing a game of cooking (as far as I know about cooking). He would stir every time and whenever he would stop stirring, he would blow the stone gently and then serve it to his mother. The mother would take it respectfully every time and have a sip from it. This thing happened for a number of times. And whenever she finished taking the sip, he smiled at her and started doing his work again. And whenever he smiled, she smiled.
And they really made me think. There are only a few people on this planet can do that. They came from nowhere. As I was staring at them, wondering and wishing if I could help them to make their lives better. But somehow which I don’t know how, I controlled my emotions which my dad taught me because emotions make you weak. Even If you want to help others and you are emotional, you are out of the game. Your work doesn’t need your emotions. It needs your commitments. Fine. Let’s get back to me again. So, I left the window and went back. But I didn’t stop thinking about them. After a couple of minutes, I rushed toward the window to see them again. I didn’t find anyone there.

Then I realized one simple fact. And that was, happiness can’t be found. And trust me, it’s not something magical that only a few of us can have. I see people every day who have heavy pockets but broken. The boy and his mother were poor, sitting on that dusty ground but happy, at least for that moment.
So whatever you are doing, make sure it is making you happy. And if it is not, I recommend you to immediately stop doing that and take a break. Rethink and then start something different.

Because this world doesn’t need miracles, it needs happy people.

2 thoughts on “They Were Poor, But Happy

  1. Beautiful Story…as you mentioned – Happiness is a blessing! We should always count and encash on it.

    1. Yes. Thanks for your words. Live well.

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