The Undesired Desire of a Man; The Darkness in My Own Sex (Part 1)

” She went out with children to celebrate 26th birthday of our daughter-in-law..

So ?? you’re not  invited ??

they asked me but I refused ..not interested in all that crap..


why to celebrate her birthday.. she is not special ..she is a girl child.. and the undesired one..

Wait-Wait .. shocked !! Undesired?? For her Parents?

No , for everybody.. who wants a daughter ?.. they come with lots of burden & responsibilities, to trash our hard money.. and  are like heavy loans which keeps on multiplying as they grow and we can never get rid of them anyway.. actually they born to take ,not to give..

they give us joy , care, love , new relations, birth..

oh- come on, we get it all from sons, telling you , 1 son=mansions &  1 daughter=tensions.. “

zodiac_sign__libra_by_yuhon-d38mt66A Man always desire of Woman’s Love, He feels incomplete without her, She sacrifices her everything  just to make him happy and to make him satisfied..

A Woman is His Desire !

But A Daughter?? She is Undesired!

Why? Having a daughter is unfortunate for him.. Why??

What a Girl thinks of herself? Should she be proud of her beauty gifted by God or She would cry over her fate of being undesired for her own family?

Not she always deserve to be loved , to be respected, and to be desired by her parents ?

She is Asking to Everybody

” If we accept that we’re undesired in your world, then why we become desires when grown-up.. Why you never be on one statement of yours? decide what we are exactly for you and  Treat us accordingly forever!! “

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