The States and their Gun obsession

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The States and their law enforcement are never complete without the usage of weaponries. With the passage of time, the usage of a gun has become an intricate part of the state system. This can be perceived from the distribution of gun licenses to the civilians in the name of self-defence.

Unfortunately, usage of any kind of weaponry whether lethal or non-lethal results into damage which cannot be undone. Irrespective of any innovation in the usage of guns to bring down the number of casualties- lethal or non-lethal –is not what we need today. For us, indeed the entire world, a gun has become a powerful symbol of the state’s brutality, and dressing it up and sending it packed under the wrap of a peace treaty is no solution to the alienation that afflicts the large population of a society.

What the present times urgently needs is an innovative political strategy to reach out to people of all kinds, instead of warning out the dissenting voices at gun points. Labelling a big section of population and/or branding them as terrorists, anti-nationals etc. is certainly not in any nation’s interest, even if they voice a dissenting opinion. Nor is using of guns or force to disperse such civilians. This is what a true democracy stands for.

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