The Reality About Humans

There is a gazelle, enjoying the daylight. But a leopard is focused on it. The chase begins. And I’m damn sure that the gazelle will run as fast as it can to enjoy it’s tomorrow. The gazelle runs as fast as it possibly can. And the leopard does the same. It runs as fast it can. You never heard of a leopard running slow to catch its prey. And you never heard of a gazelle running slow to outrun its predator.

There is a tree, sending its roots to the deepest, expanding its branches as far as it can. It doesn’t stop till it reaches its limit. And if it doesn’t, it keeps growing. You never heard of a half-grown tree.

The point which is to be noticed is either they are animals or trees. And they reach their fullest limits. They don’t have clothes to wear, don’t hang out with other beings at a coffee shop, don’t listen to music, don’t have mentors and aren’t trained. But still, they keep growing until they reach a level of saturation. 

There is a human who wakes up daily and knows that he/she is not doing what it takes. A human. We, humans, have every kind of comfort but a few of us do what it takes. This doesn’t happen in the case of gazelles or trees. This happens to us. The superior class of living being on this planet.

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Learn to see deeper in yourself than you do in others.



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