The power of human mind is to forget and to adopt. it may be a gift or a curse. it may be a beauty or peril of the mind that it can adopt new thoughts and new ways of life easily and quickly while forgetting what it has been preoccupied with. this shows the volatile nature of human mind. it never wants to do the same thing by its very nature, it tries to juggle between too many things and leaves all actions incomplete. this is where we actually do injustice ..

injustice to that task we started .. to that task we left incomplete ..  ..

never leave anything in the middle, once you decide to go for something, just do complete justice to it.


Self administration is a key to provide the thought process of mind to do justice to the action or the task in hand.

It simply means to keep a check on the mind’s processes and help it to remain balanced and undistracted by unwanted desires so as to accomplish a particular task. the more you administer your mind, the more control you have over your life. it is not time that needs to be administered but the mind. time is a neutral entity, it simply exists without any change and it is the mind which gives meaning to it.

Mind actually needs strict and timely dispense otherwise it’ll soon find other lesser alternatives to eventually go adrift leaving all actions incomplete in life.

we need to master the art of self administration to live a simple, meaningful and a just life.


  1. Such a beautifully written piece. Your perspective is amazing and you highlight it well in your writing. Thank you for such an amazing read. You’ve earned a new follower !

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