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The Other Side of Positive Thinking

You are born wise. Despite not knowing all the answers, you don’t talk or argue back. Thereafter you grow older and impregnate yourself with negative thoughts. Thoughts full of “I can’t(s)”, resultant blocking your own good, frustrating and limiting yourself.

When you block your thoughts with negative(s), you end up creating obstacles, impediments and delays in your life. Ending up denying the intelligence and wisdom residing within yourself.

The provoked negative thoughts often manifest themselves into the emotions of fear, anger, rage or greed. Effectively when attracted by such thoughts, we convince ourselves of being surrounded by destructive situations. Emancipating the start of a vicious cycle.

Unknown to ourselves, lies within us- the never ending wisdom and a rationale universal to all. The knowledge to attract positive forays. Somewhere in between lies the ability to break this vicious cycle. The other side of positive thinking.

Everyone has forays of troubles, problems and own set of issues. Problems unique to themselves. One from which everyone wants to sail through without being hampered or thrashed upon. Yet, there resides within ourselves the ability to resolves issues with our will alone…

What can you do to stay positive and release yourself from the trap of the other side?

  1. Stop judging, and blaming: I tend to not judge people and this has helped me tackle many of the issues ranging from failures to unemployment.
  2. Talk to people (Occasional ranting can help at times): I am an introvert by nature, yet I take time out to talk to the walls, or listen to my family and friends. Talk about things that you want to manifest in your life. This will increase your motivation.
  3. Meditation: Whenever faced with a palpable situation heavy breathing and meditation helps you to calm down. Because when you are under a lot of stress it is easy to lose control over the situation and start thinking negatively.
  4. Learn to “let go”: People often fail to let go of things. Remember, unless you don’t let go of the thing hampering your thoughts, you cannot move beyond the other side of positive thinking.
  5. Follow your hobby: Every person has a hobby which varies from sketching, playing sports or equipment, cooking, or even staring at the walls for indefinite time. Following your passion after work hours will keep you calm, relaxed and your mind sharp.
  6. Look for motivation: Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good. Whenever you feel down, read a motivational book, a success story, read your favourite inspirational quotes, or just listen to your favourite song. I tend to take inspirations from obnoxious insignificant things. Sometimes I get motivated by watching a cow cross the road, or by hearing the rant of a stranger.
  7. Love and appreciate yourself: You cannot stay positive if you do not like yourself; or put yourself down; or if you do not treat yourself with love and care. Positive thinking starts with accepting yourself the way you are and then striving to become a little bit better.
  8. Express gratitude: People tend to express their gratitude to god, parents or anyone/anything they believe in. Irrespective of your belief you will always find something to feel gratitude for.
  9. One step at a time: Everything takes time. You need to do one thing at a time and gradually move over the other.




Boringbug is a blogger, a sketch artist by hobby, and a lawyer.  His blog Boringbug is a part reflection of his ideas, experiences, dialogues, thoughts, and opinions. It can be reached at or at

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Some interesting points. Gratitude I feel is the main one that resonated with me. I once did an exercise; It was to write ten things I was grateful for every day for 30 days.

I didn’t think it was even possible.

What I learned changed my entire life. The number of people that are indirectly responsible for keeping me alive is crazy. When you keep your focus on what you have, even the littlest of things seem like a such a gift.

That’s an interesting exercise. I remember trying following this for 2 weeks and realised that there are numerous people who have affected my life positively.

One of the benefits being that it also tests our will power and determination. The moment we fail to perform one of it, we realise where we lack. 🙂

“When you block your thoughts with negative(s), you end up creating obstacles, impediments and delays in your life.”
Thought process is the game. As long as your thoughts are good, you will get good results. But before getting good results, your ship has to sail through the dark storms. The question is, how long can you hold the ship’s wheel in the storm?
Great usage of words.
Live well.

Thank you. There is saying which goes as- “a ship is meant to sail, wheel or no wheel. Keep it healthy and it will sail through. Ignore it and it will face it’s doom”.
As you rightly pointed out, our body is a ship sailing through the medium called life.

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