The North Korea Threat – War Against America

North Korea is a “small country, far-away, about which we know little,” to paraphrase a fateful comment in defense of appeasement from the 1938 crisis over Czechoslovakia. But there is one thing every American needs to know about far-away North Korea: its rulers are on a methodical and relentless quest for the capability to hit America with nuclear weapons.
The nuclear campaign that North Korea is planning against the United States is one it intends to win. It is formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK.

Washington is badly unprepared to meet this threat, because too many of her leaders do not understand the Pyongyang game-plan.

The Trump administration needs to do something different.

This would consist mainly, though not entirely, of military measures. Restoring badly eroded U.S. military capabilities—naval, air, ground forces and an aged strategic arsenal– is essential.

Likewise more and better missile defense: the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) systems against ballistic missiles that the U.S. has offered  South Korea and Japan is a good step, and so is moving forward in earnest on missile defense for the USA.

The United Nations has already gotten a comprehensive report on North Korea’s grisly human rights record from its Commission of Inquiry on the situation in the DPRK: let governments of conscience now seek international criminal accountability for North Korea’s leadership.
Then there is the China question. It is by no means impossible for America and her allies to pressure the DPRK if China does not cooperate. That said: it is time for Beijing to pay a penalty for its support for the most odious regime on the planet today.
Many in the West talk of “isolating” North Korea as if this were an objective in its own right. But a serious DPRK threat reduction strategy would not do so. The regime is deathly afraid of what it terms “ideological and cultural poisoning.”
This brings us to the last agenda item: preparing for a successful reunification in a post-DPRK peninsula.
The Kim regime is the North Korean nuclear threat.  That threat will not end until the DPRK disappears.

North Korean missile range

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  1. South Korean tests carried out on fragments of the rocket fired in December 2012 indicated it would have had a range of more than 10,000km (6,200 miles), putting the US well within striking distance.
    However, there is little evidence that North Korea has yet developed a guidance system to ensure an accurate strike, or the re-entry technology to bring an intercontinental ballistic missile back down to hit its target.

    Pyongyang’s ability to carry out a nuclear strike on the US is even less certain, it is difficult to assess the North’s claims to have managed to create a small enough nuclear device to be mounted on a warhead.

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