The Nastiest of The Nasties

The exam, it went unexpectedly well because the examiner laughed all the time when I went there. He asked me only one question which I didn’t answer, as always and on the top of that, I asked him the same question which he answered. So, everything went super light. Let’s not talk about this which is pretty distracting because it has nothing to do with what I’m going to write about.

Every one of you feels it every day. Every one of you sees it every day and every one of you doesn’t want to do anything about it. It is the dirtiest thing that nobody wants to talk about it. No parent wants to mention. No school wants to teach. No awareness. No zeal. Foul smell. It is WORK. You wake up every morning like you are a sick, prepare your coffee like you are a patient and go to work like you are a zombie. Don’t you believe that? Then do this thing. And I’m super serious. An experiment. Take a day off, throw your personal vehicles and roam the city using public transports during peak hours. Look what working people do. Look at their actions. Look what they do when they go to work and when they come back. I did that many times. I still do.

Work is the dirtiest word. The king of nasty things. People claim they want changes around them. They want their cities to be cleaned but they only make them untidy. They want world class education for their kids, but forget to teach them that one should not scuff his/her feet when walking (a basic manner). They tell us what to achieve in spite of showing the way to find the answer to why to achieve. They tell us to sustain the life of hopes and ignore the fact that the faith is more powerful than the hope. Because it takes a certain amount of work. The work doesn’t have any definition. You define the work. Being a happy person could be a work. Travelling the world could be one. Teaching good manners to your kids could be one. Helping an old man to cross the road could be a small work but a good one. There is a very simple rule which I follow and that is,

quotes-If-you-work-for--monBeing the dirtiest, it doesn’t complain and that’s the beauty of it. If you are 20 (like me) and reading this, just close your eyes until 40 and work. If you are 30 and reading this, open your eyes and see what you have done so far. And if you are 40, see what you can do in another 10 years.

Expand your domain.

Push your horizon.

Make a mark.

Because you have only one life.

So, are willing to see what others do so that you won’t do those things?



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