The Nasty Creations

Today, you are going to witness 2 unpleasant things out of many ones. People genuinely find these things bad and these are not just things, these are a part of an equation. An equation which was generated by nature many many years ago.

So, here are they.

2. Pigs


They are cute. No doubt. Come on. You don’t admit that. I’ve seen people who put the handkerchief on their ‘awesome noses’ whenever they see pigs even they are 100m away from pigs. They are super peaceful animals. But don’t try to trouble piglets in front of their mother. It wouldn’t like it. They are social animals and form peaceful and lovable bonds with each other which most of us (I’m serious) fail to do. The best thing is, they are very clean animals. They don’t poop where they lie or eat, like us.

So before putting a handkerchief on your nose, admire the nature’s beauty for some moments and you’re not going to do this, no doubt. I know that.

Honour the creation.


And another one is super awesome and the dirtiest on this planet. You will never guess it though you experience it daily. I bet my life on it. I’m dead sure and if you guess it, you can end my life which you will never. First feel it. See it. Believe in it. And let it change your life, your relationships, your business, and your income.

I would love to see your guesswork.



Another part will be releasing soon…


(P.S. I was willing to write more but couldn’t due to the time constraint. I have an exam tomorrow and my mom is expecting the passing mark (she always prays for that). By the way, the dirtiest thing I’ve ever seen is the examination.  No offense. Just a personal feeling.)





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