The Most Regretful Moment

Once I asked a question to myself, “What is the most regretful moment in my life?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any reply from my side. I was wondering about the question. The question felt baseless and with zero meaning. After few months, I happened to watch a video in which a study was mentioned. A study which was done in hospitals. A study which was directly related to the question. Most of the patients who were struggling for their last breaths had been asked one simple question.

What is the most regretful moment in your life?

And nearly all of them said, “I don’t regret what I did. I regret what I didn’t do. Risks I didn’t take. Goals I didn’t make.”

Does it really matter? I tried. I started to remember my schools days. Okay. Hell lot of mischievous things. Then punishments. After remembering those little and cute shits, I stopped at a thing. There was a speech competition which I was eagerly wanted to participate but didn’t. Because I had stage fear. And other competitions in my whole school life because I feared the failure. There were opportunities in front of me, waiting for my approval but refused. And now when I remember those things, I do regret. I just genuinely regret.

And it hit me like a thunderstorm. It really made me ask that question once again. And the answer was same. I got it. From that day, my perception of my life changed. I started doing things which I feared in order to get rid of that fear. Got a couple of failures but that was okay. It was a humble start.

I just want to ask, “If one question can make me rethink what I have done, then why are we having so many problems? Half of the problems will be solved if we understand each other. Lives will become easy if we understand our motives. That question is all about finding the purpose of your life. A purpose that would fulfill the gap.”

Find the purpose.

Show the world what you can do.

5 thoughts on “The Most Regretful Moment

  1. Madness Revealed 24 Apr 2017 — 7:52 PM

    This is so true, Life without purpose is like boat in doldrums.

    1. And purpose is the only cure. Thank you.

      1. Madness Revealed 24 Apr 2017 — 9:58 PM


  2. I find the things I have done in my life the most troubling. Good thing I am so superficial; otherwise, I would have to kill myself.

    1. Build your empire on the foundation of good things. Everybody has done stupid things. But great people don’t live down there. I appreciate your words. Keep working.

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