The Last Thoughts For 2017

No Fear

So, there are people who aren’t afraid of failures and that’s a very good attitude. What they fear is when they see their friends going up. When they see them going up they feel like they are stuck. Tell me, folks, do you want the shit which your friends want?
If not, then why are you comparing yourself?
It takes time to build your empire. Let them do whatever they want to do. Please stop that bullshit. Focus on your shit.


No Overnight Success

And tons of people want to become Steve Jobs or Beyoncé overnight. **** that shit. There is nothing like overnight success. It’s a process of working on your crafts day and night. It’s a time when you can’t distinguish between day and night. They did it. You can too.


Stop Complaining

In the process of doing something, people complain. ‘Oh! Nothing is working right. This government sucks. Maybe, he should get out of my sight. He sucks, man.” Stop complaining. You are the creator of your problems. And the best thing is you are the solution. Again, stop complaining. Start doing.

stop complaining

Don’t Make Excuses

Another super awesome thing that people do is making bullshit excuses. You make excuses when you come late. You make excuses when you don’t complete the assignment on time. You make excuses when you show up late on a date. You make excuses when you are stuck and the most important, you make excuses every time. Stop doing that shit. It seems cool to fools. Cut them out.



There are two sides of pain. One which is very well known. The discomfort. The failure. The rejections. But there is another side of pain which makes us push forward. That is called glory. That is called dedication. That’s called courage. That’s called happiness.



I love this because without it, you wouldn’t be using luxurious cars or you wouldn’t be going to KFC. Because those who dreamt it, they executed too. And the results are in front of you. Execute folks. Just execute. If you believe that you have enough knowledge, then execute. Stop dreaming now because you’ve dreamt that dream a number of times and even if you dream it once again, it’s not going to happen unless you start working toward it now.


Gracing Time

This is the last article of this month from my side. I need to get an important thing done before this 31st. And I’m going to do it. It has been a great ride. I learned a lot of things this year which I can’t even explain. A ton of wonderful things. And made a ton of mistakes. And I want to thank Shubham Paul for making it an exciting ride and yes, thanks, Ritu di for choosing me one of your authors and these are for you. Chocolate Bar on Apple iOS 11.2Chocolate Bar on Apple iOS 11.2Soft Ice Cream on Apple Soft Ice Cream on Apple Doughnut on Apple Doughnut on Apple  A sweet revenge.

And always remember,


Thanks, folks!

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

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    1. Just because Christmas is coming, I accepted your gifts. But I’m going to take the revenge again. See you on the battlefield. 👿

      P.S. Merry Christmas, di. Live well. 🙂

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