The Lamp

I was walking through the woods. No one was with me. It was full dark with no moonlight so I could barely see my feet. I was not afraid of anything. But somewhere in deep inside, I was afraid of something. As I was walking through, I started hearing some strange voices. Those were weird but attractive. The voices were attracting me and I was resisting. Since I didn’t have anything to see through the trees, I truly relied on my intuition. All of a sudden, a smoky human like structure showed up. I hid behind a tree somehow but it was coming toward me. Then, it vanished like it came from nowhere leaving the lamp behind. I went there but found nothing except the lamp. I thought the lamp was possessed so I didn’t pick it up.

As I continued my damn awesome journey with my intuition, I saw a ray of light coming from a point. That could be an exit. So, I headed toward the light. As I was heading, my fate gifted me a demon. It was standing in right front of me with a dagger. DAMN! It was seeing me with rage. It started running toward me and I started running from it as it was my last run because a demon was chasing me for the first and last time. And unfortunately, it caught me. As far as I can recall now, I saw two things. The demon was laughing at me and that smoky shadow was standing right there watching the scene. Then, I felt no pulse…

It happens to us every time. Every time when we encounter any difficulty, we start blaming others for our faults. We neglect those persons who can help us, make us feel better in difficult times. We miss to get positive thoughts from positive sources and start caring about things which we aren’t supposed to care about.

Actually, that ‘SMOKY HUMAN’ was me only. My spirit tried to help myself because I was killed. I tried to change the fate. The time. I tried it by giving the lamp but failed. I tried again by showing the light but it was too late.

Some circumstances are inevitable. You have to grow with those circumstances.

What if I accept the lamp?

The real question is,

What if we possess an attitude of seeing the good side of everyone and everything?

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