Failures in Life

Many laugh at you ‘coz your attempt failed,

 But you laugh at many ‘coz they never attempted.

Along with failure comes pain, suffering and sorrow,

But look… Its a disguised opportunity to ponder over new possibilities of tomorrow.

With failure you lose mental peace,

But, with failure you gain liberty from your anxieties.

With failure you lose money, status and feel that your life has come to an end.

But this very failure shows you your true friend.

Failure is the greatest teacher of all,

It lets you discover a bit more about yourself whenever you fall.

Who said failure ruins everything?

With a little creativity, you can turn failure into a new beginning.

So, next time, when you meet failure, don’t give up, don’t brood over past.

Just laugh, look forward, start afresh and discover the ocean of opportunities.. Deep, rich and vast.


7 thoughts on “Failures in Life

  1. Opportunities are waiting out there. The thing is, people are so busy dealing with the things in a box. They never step out of it to discover new opportunities and at last, they quit(the easiest thing I’ve ever seen). This world is evolving. Mankind is moving ahead. Contribute something.
    And I really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing.
    Stay fit. Peace.

    1. yes ! and the person who step out for opportunities irrespective of their outcomes is the real achiever in life.
      glad you liked this post , thank you 🙂

      1. I feel people often lose opportunities and other people grab them and become successful. Keep seeking for failures so that you can get chances to enhance. Keep working.

        1. seeking for failures? really! should we? I think we should have courage to take the bull by its horns and SEEK success but if we fail, it’s unfortunate! . We should overcome failures through undying efforts , It teaches us how to navigate through life.
          correct me if ‘m wrong!

          1. No. You are not. Just trust what you said. Everybody has different and single meaning of success. This is the meaning of yours. I appreciate. Mine is different. I seek for every failures if I do anything. It helps me to avoid the fear of failure and shows me the light of success. I don’t want success as bad as I want to fail. Fail teaches. Success doesn’t. I always embrace failure. And failure teaches me the importance of success. So, indirectly I seek for success but through failures. So, it proves that you were correct. And yeap. that’s it. Thank you for hearing me.

            1. 🙂 , okay! so ‘m celebrating differences!

              1. Make someone else’s life better. Best wishes.

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