The Dilemma

trees_green_entrance_stairs_planet_61651_2000x1320.jpgWorld is full with dilemmas. Greater the height of your dilemma is, higher you will be in fluctuations. So just impart that dilemma as soon as possible. Sometimes we know that this can cause us but still we tend to live like that. Our inner soul is not ready to quit that dilemma. We try to be optimistic that the dilemma will go away in coming future but future is worse than anything. You are true, no doubt. But who cares for your pain & situation of living consistently in that so called dilemma of choosing a best time to describe it out.

We need to be change according to time. As time flies as we should, too. If you become stagnant you will be so far behind in the race of life. So impart confusions & hold the hand of time. It will make you more inhumane along with.

So throw that dilemma away & allow yourself to have different colors of life.

Why not to live free?

Dilemma is just a myth, live in the reality. You will never be chopped off. Go for the a trip, read something different, do something new, play the music that touches your soul, fly in beyond the clouds. After all you are you. You are your master. Why to stop flying , just for those unknown future happenings.

Sit along the river , dip in the romanticism of nature. You will feel that still beauty is here. it`s different thing that you have made yourself unable to see that charmness. Open your third eye. You are you.

Dilemma is over gone. Now beauty exists , charm exists, love exists, heaven exists, happiness exists. What doesn`t  exist is –  The Dilemma.

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