The Beauty In All of You

I was thinking something else which I believed a good thing. Many reactions were going on there and no one was watching me because everyone was busy in doing their own things. I had a limited time to accomplish the thing that I was supposed to do because the society feels it good. Regardless of doing what I was supposed to, I was figuring out many science fictional things. Then all of a sudden, I realized that the time was diminishing its true value which made me realize that I was in an examination hall. I submitted my answer sheet in which my name was written correctly (dead sure) and I’m not sure about the rest of the things. Who cares? I got out of the hall and felt the heavenly beauty outside. I hate the examination hall and that 3 hours of torture.

No problem. I shouldn’t be talking about the things which I hate. And I didn’t find anything better to write today.  So, ladies and ladies. Girls and girls. I’m obliged and honoured to see all of you accomplishing overwhelming things. No matter what the field is, you are doing great. Better than anyone. You are the brave souls that are changing the culture and influencing the society in every possible good way.

Here’s a small clip of Mother Teresa who talked about the beauty of love.


Hatred can only be perished by love. No sword. No gun but love. 



The time is changing. And now we need to work together. We need to care each other. That’s why we are here. Otherwise, there would be no men or women. Men must possess the feeling. Embrace the love. Respect women and the more importantly, love them.

With all due respect, women, I feel there would be no progress without you.





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