Tarnishing beauty of Nepal

Nepal with its mesmerizing climate and diverse culture is one of the best tourist destinations in South Asia. Pristine rivers, unending chain of mountains makes this place a paradise. However, in recent past, frequent political and non political strike has tarnished the image of the country.

The political uncertainty and chaos that has impeded the development in many aspects. There is political instability as a result of myopic leaders who have been wrangling for power sharing but thanks to the new Constitution, women who were under-represented in the First Past the Post results will get seats in federal and provincial assemblies via Proportional Representation quotas.

Moreover, country reels under acute power outage while it claims that it is second richest in water resources- next to Brazil. The discussion was instrumental in highlighting the factors hindering the overall development of the country.

Recently, The Burmese Army Chief who is accused of masterminding ethnic cleansing on his country’s Rohingya people was in Kathmandu on a four-day visit. The Nepal Army said he was here to study Nepal’s peace process, especially the demobilization of the rebel fighters but several human rights activists have criticised the visit of someone accused to gross human rights violations, and said the timing was not right.

Between all these tussles, foreigners can see true Nepal if they visit the rural areas where local people still follow the century old practice and consider guest as god. In materialistic Kathmandu, such tradition has taken the back seat owing to blatant adoption of negative aspect of western mores, endangering its own invaluable culture. they should keep the invaluable custom and tradition intact to handover it to the upcoming generation.

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