People thinks that the hearts of those who attempts suicide are weak, but I don't agree. Suicide requires a lot of strength which can't exists in a weak heart.

A “Mental Harassment” Case on Zomato

man carrying a delivery bag

  Technology at your dinner table! Ordering food online through mobile apps? Think again! Zomato & The hotel were directed to pay ₹50,000 for deficiency in service and the remaining amount for mental harassment … Read More via A “Mental Harassment” Case on Zomato — THE FIRE

The Wrong World

It doesn't matter how powerful you are, you can't run from the truth. Our world is very wonderful. Like, It is not considered appropriate to hug tightly or kiss a girl/boy whom you love openly because they are just making love freely. They must do all these things in closed rooms because people don't feel …

Taurus (Love) Scorpio

It’s very easy to think that since life is a series of goals, people are simply gateways to those goals. That’s right. It’s very easy to use people for your ends. Unfortunately, people aren’t meant to be used. They themselves are ends. That’s right. They are worth pleasing. They are the destinations of life. Read …