A “Mental Harassment” Case on Zomato

man carrying a delivery bag

  Technology at your dinner table! Ordering food online through mobile apps? Think again! Zomato & The hotel were directed to pay ₹50,000 for deficiency in service and the remaining amount for mental harassment … Read More via A “Mental Harassment” Case on Zomato — THE FIRE

How internet shutdowns impact our civil liberties

We receive this comment few days back "I’m Yaqoob from Jammu and Kashmir. Here everything including internet is blocked/banned, probably because of our social media activities. We kashmire sometimes use social media to upload our victimised stories .but Indian government do not like this, she is afraid of getting exposed in worldwide. Please-please help us …

A KILL SWITCH to neutralize Ransomware attacks

Recently the computer servers of many companies and organisations in Europe, United States of America (USA), Ukraine, and  Russia were paralysed by a ransomware cyber-attack dubbed as “Petya”, A mass scale cyber attack. All the affected computers displayed a ransom note in which the attackers demanded US$ 300 in bitcoin currency as a ransom. Most …