See the beautiful Burj Khalifa in Tricolor

On 68th Republic Day celebrations , Burj Khalifa is painted with Indian Tricolor  beautifully , UAE is also celebrating India’s Republic Day today and the Crown Prince of U.A.E , Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed is the Special Guest at the Republic Day Parade . The visit signified the development of an uncommon sympathetic mutuality and intimacy between the two countries.

Burj Khalifa, World’s tallest tower in Dubai and is a world famous attraction. It stands tall, towering over the world at 829.8m and the view from its top floors is simply breathtaking as well as dizzying. It is no wonder that people come to see it from all over and especially stay back in the evening to admire the light show that is on display. But the show last night was indeed a special one, especially for all Indians as the structure was lit up in tricolor. Burj Khalifa donned the Indian flag complete with the Ashoka Chakra and the three colors, saffron, white and green. This was done to honor India’s Republic Day which is today, January 26.



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