Saving Their Lives ! Love & Protect Voiceless Beings

 I and my family subjected to a torture which was a government made official system to satisfy foreign customers and their taste, I  felt being cut to pieces, being burnt alive from the inside out, being boiled alive to be someone’s hamburger or sandwich, I do not know! having our heads cut off while we all were still conscious, I was  finding a way to escape, realizing next is my family’s very turn to be cut in the throat or to be having their legs and hands cut off while they were still alive, to be the victim of an unending torture and why? Just because a superior class of hungry species ( may be Aliens! ) questioned our right to live on Earth , just because we become vulnerable now? All I was asking them is to just ask their conscience , their morality once, just once that is it right? Just for the sake of taste, perpetuating that immense excruciating pain on poor voiceless beings and physically tormenting us for no reason at all?

Then I recalled the words of my MOM ‘If you do good, the good comes back to you, and if you do bad, then bad comes back to you. It’s your KARMAS which decides your FATE. ‘ and suddenly I woke up with panic attack! I had a nightmare!

Now I started thinking, Is that was a reason worth killing a living being, who was sent by God to live on this planet peacefully, not to fulfil the taste and unending hungered desires of those aliens? God created those beings just like he did humans, God made this earth not only for them to live in, but for all species to live in, and to live in peacefully. They’re not the owners of this planet!

Nor do we, An now I realised, We do not have a right to destroy what we cannot create. All beings are God’s creations, He is the one to decide their existence, neither us nor anybody else. And just like Us, Animals also experience pain and sufferings, They too have a right to live in this world peacefully as you and me. And I Think the use of animals in the slaughterhouses is completely uncalled for and hence must be banned right away and completely. They’re born to live on this earth  , not to be cut to pieces.

How the hell would have they felt seeing their own babies exterminated infront of their naked eyes,and what for? Just because some maniac found human species found them tastier than the vegetables and fruits. Is that a reason worth killing a living being?

Recall we humans are descendants of apes and chimpanzees. These primates are vegetarians, and thus, early humans, too, must have been vegetarians. But we moved and migrated all over the world, adapting over time to any kind of food that was available – plant, fish or meat. Over time, some of us chose to stay eating plants alone, while others were less finicky. Either way, we adapted to circumstances. This would be an example of selective pressure.

This adaptation is reflected in the variations in the genes that code for proteins and enzymes in the body, which convert the food we eat into essential molecules required for our cells to function efficiently. A research group from Cornell University focussed on one such gene called FADS, which codes for making what are called omega 3 and 6 fatty acids needed in our cells. The plant oils and fats that vegetarians consume are converted by their FADS to omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are vital components of cell membranes, helping in regulating the entry and exit of molecules across our cells. Meat eaters, on the other hand, obtain these omegas directly from the animal meat they eat.

The FADS genes in vegetarians had two copies of what is called I, an insertion element (22 alphabets inserted within the gene sequence), FADS in meat-eaters had this element deleted (D). Veggies have I/I while meat-eaters have D/D in their chromosomes. The scientists found this I/I version to be highest in South Asian population but lower in Europeans and East Asians. (Incidentally, the I/I version is found in the FADS genes of Neanderthals). You are what you eat! And we should eat on what we have right!

Just for the sake of taste, killing the poor voiceless beings is not our birth right. Just think it over before you have your non veg eateries for the next time, and if you cannot, then I don’t think you should even consider yourself a human anymore.



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