Salman Khan is being called to kick-out Swami Om ( Bigg Boss Criticism All Over)

Bigg Boss 10 is getting more ugly than ever before ,  This Controversial television reality show , has touched an all time low . Now  the makers have realised that people like Swami Om & Priyanaka Jagga  were not bringing in TRPs, rather they are taking away the followers of the show.

Generally people watch Bigg Boss due to the presence of Celebs , It will be better for BB to have only celebrities as contestants. They may invite commoners also. But with proper screening of credentials.

Now people can not judge actually what these kind of shows wanna show ! One does not know where reality ends and fake creeps in. And the audience are taken for a ride.

Public Criticism :

BIGG BOSS 10 is totally bore & Flop show, We’re shocked all Genuine & disciplined contestants are out and Ill mannered & abusive persons are still in the house, We’re confused Bigg Boss show  kya karna chahte hain ? , ke ghar badtameez logo se chalta hai ? , it seems as if evrything is scripted in the show.. our votes are not valued, yeh apni marzi se kisi ko bhi evict karte hain ! , MONALISA , NITIBHA are waste and still in house and decent Gaurav is out !, what a decision by Bigboss !! , Mannu & Manveer are like Garbage & always manipulative, Salman always support to them !!

What’s The Shocking News ?

Just when we thought that nothing could be worse than Swami peeing on national television, here is another disgusting act that might leave many television sets turned off tonight. Swami Om peed on his fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra.

Salman Khan is an ISI agent & Anti-National : Swami Om

And this time Bigg Boss not ignored his dirty antics. He’ll be shown the exit gate and will be thrown out of the house for his ugly act.  Swami Om refuses to leave the house. When the makers of the show fail to get him out of the house, they had to send security force inside the house to bring him out.

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