Reservation In United India

Why do people earning over Rs 10 lakhs need reservation?

We have just seen two unnecessary subsidies removed. The LPG subsidy was removed for people earning more than Rs.10 lakhs per annum. The Parliament Canteen food subsidy was removed for MPs.

Reservation was provided in our constitution to enable under-privileged sections of Indian society. It was provisioned for 10 years post-Independence, with an option to extend for another 5 years. Political parties have ensured that 50% Reservation is still provided well into the 69th year of Indian independence.

While it is necessary to support parts of our society that need such provisions, Reservation should not be abused. When Reservation is indiscriminately provided based on caste irrespective of economic background or competence, it has the potential to bury merit, breed mediocrity and spread discontentment.

It is fair to provide free/subsidised education to children of economically disadvantaged families. However, post-education, it is just not fair to continue to provide job-based Reservations to those families earning beyond Rs10 lakhs a year. Sign my petition to stop this trend.

If Reservation is provided only to those who actually need help, we can encourage more merit-based recruitment, make it a better market for recruiters and job-seekers to achieve better progress and overall development for the country.

I am sure that all Indians who have the Country’s interest on their mind will voluntarily give away Reservation benefits. Let us all aspire to just be “CITIZENS OF INDIA” and shed all other labels and terms.

Sign and share this petition so that we can build support for this proposal of Fair Reservation.

Support This Petition If You Agree

 This petition will be delivered to:      1.Prime Minister( Narendra Modi )

2. Chief Justice of India( T.S.Thakur ) @

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3 thoughts on “Reservation In United India

  1. I am Sonu, from a poor brahmin family, living in UP, my father leaved us when i was 10 and now ‘m 16, live with my mother in slum area where we only get access to few basic amenity, i go to private school, i work as a car cleaner,a part time job (every morning before going to school)to earn for my school fees, and this diwali i worked as full time labour in one big house to get some extra money to buy books, clothes and some commodity. ..I want to become an engineer and for that i need reservation on the basis of my poverty as neither I can afford a good coaching to crack this exam as other students do nor I can pay huge amount to take admissions in reputed colleges. hence lag behind just because of my caste…WHERE IS MY ‘RIGHT TO EQUALITY’ & ‘RIGHT TO EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES’ .. ‘m NOT GETTING these rights just because ‘m Brahmin and born in upper caste? ‘m living in slum area in poor conditions, isn’t it sufficient to tell that m a LOWER CLASS, an Economically Backward Person.

    1. Hi Sonu, I do agree with your point , I hope you signed the petition , thank you for sharing your views.

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