Recalcitrant [ rɪˈkalsɪtr(ə)nt ] = अड़ियल

In Latin , ‘Re’ means ‘back’ and ‘calcitrare’ means ‘to kick’

So the word Recalcitrate means ‘to kick back’ .

Now a days we’re using the word RECALCITRANT to refer to a person who is difficult to handle or deal with . The individual does not like to be told to do things, and as a result, seldom obeys orders. He remains defiant.

Note: This word can also be used with things.

Examples : 1. It’s time to take action on recalcitrant students

  1. I find Shubham a recalcitrant person.

  2. These recalcitrant obstructionists are doing the country a tremendous service.


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