Quick And Steady Wins The Race

As I began writing this piece, few question cropped up in my mind. I asked to myself: Will I be able to complete this piece in a time bound manner? Am I proceeding steadily but slowly in writing up this piece? Isn’t it a race to produce a beautiful write up within the time limit? As I started answering these questions, I realized that perhaps the notion of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ has lagged behind because of the slowness attached with it and the new mantra is ‘quick but steady wins the race’.

The mantra made me rewind the story of turtle and rabbit where turtle won the race because of the attitude of ‘steady’ even though he was slow. But just then another thought came to me-what if the rabbit was steady too? In fact, it was not the win of turtle but the
loss of rabbit that produced the result as we saw. Had the rabbit been quick as well as steady, no doubt he would have been a clear winner and the whole notion of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ would have been defeated.

Similar instances around us make one realize that the idea of being quick and steady is bound to emerge as winner. I cannot think to win the race of topping the civil services examinations if I remain slow in my approach. The exam would win because of its quickness while I will remain far behind even though I am steady but slow. But what is there in the idea of ‘quick but steady’ that makes one win the race?

The quickness is efforts along with steadiness ensure that the mind has got no time to wander. It is always filled with the thoughts of accomplishing the goals and remains committed to the goal of making things happen-thus turning a thought into reality. The
slowness allows the liberty to look outside the window to enjoy the scenic beauty of landscape while quickness is always mesmerized with the beautiful thoughts in the mind. Such is the power of ‘quick but steady’.

There are live examples to prove that the idea is not merely rhetoric and holds great importance. Napoleon Hill, in one of his books ‘Think and Grow Rich’ talks about an entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie to argue how quickness in decision-making made him no less than a King in the steel-making industry. Carnegie was quick enough to decide what he has to do but steady too. He remained clung to his efforts thus leaving no stone unturned to make the victory his mate.

Quick but steady approach leads to a burning desire, an obsession of reaching the goals. Such is the desire that even minor failures that have remained a hallmark of successful people have no negative impact. Such failures in fact act as a propellant making them
work even hard to defeat those failures. MS Dhoni, the Indian team captain might have suffered some defeats because of his shrewd captaincy in form of being quick and steady with his decision making but that hasn’t deter him from pursuing the same. Here, in case of cricket matches, had Dhoni not been quick, the slow and steady approach pertaining to that match would have perhaps continued even after the match!

It is often said that as you begin to move towards the goals, the goals shifts even farther. Goals check patience and perseverance. Goals see how much you can take it, how much do you long for it. In short, goal is fast and dynamic in approach finding new ways
every second to defeat you in the game. However, a quick but steady approach ensures that one is more quick even than the goal, thus defeating the goal and accomplishing it. In the India’s developmental scenario, many approaches, schemes and programmes have been applied to bring them at par with the rest of the country. But the problem is becoming dynamic each and every day. Insurgents find new spots to hide themselves-Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal. The Indian government has to show the quick but steady approach in order to defeat insurgents and winning the ‘race of development’.

The Quick but steady approach in fact help in earlier accomplishment of goals. The goals of reducing poverty and containing climate change have often involved a slow response from the leaders across the world. The climate change pact or the newly approved Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a pointer that a quick and steady approach would have ensured welfare of whole humanity that reside this beautiful planet-the mother Earth. Slow and steady approach is making the goal far as the population continues to rise and new candidates for ‘becoming poor’ emerge.

But wait a minute! Does the approach of quick but steady always a winner? Can there be some exceptions in this world full of uncertainties and dynamism? Of course, there are exceptions to prove that the orthodox view can still hold importance is some quarters. Slow but steady approach ensures that even a minute possibility of failure is kept under check. The slowness ensures that there is a careful analysis of the circumstances and situations around us. For some, whose steadiness can be thwarted away by minute failures, this approach is a better way out. The Indian Parliament is often criticized for the logjams and slow business transactions but such a slow approach towards giving the final form to bill by careful debates ensures that most of the loopholes are rectified and race of ‘welfare’ is accomplished and ‘sustained’ for a longer period of time.

What brings an end to this piece of writing in a time bound manner is nothing but the quick and steady approach that I followed throughout in putting up my thoughts, organizing them and writing the best what I could. Others may have been still thinking while I have acted upon that time and what matters more is the action because they are recognizable and capable of showing results to me. Not just my piece of writing, the approach has proved its mettle in different quarters in commercial, national and international fields. No doubt, there are few exceptions that always come up in this subjective world but indeed the approach of quick but steady has the potential to bear fruitful results for one who pursues it with nothing but again a ‘quick but steady’ approach.

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