Question Paper: A Friend or Foe

Just spent another ‘fancy’ day. Actually, I decided to skip my test today and decided to work on my things. I came from the gymnasium, ate oatmeal breakfast and was about to take shower and all of a sudden my mom called me. And I answered ‘accidentally’. She asked me about my exam and I was damn sure my ‘annoying’ sister encouraged her to do that. I had to say that I was skipping my test. And despite getting angry with me, she inspired me to take the test and I swear that was the unhealthiest inspiration I ever got. Kidding…

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So, I went to take that shit. I sat there without any preparation and got the question paper. It contained 8 questions and I had to answer 5 questions out of them. My aim was to answer any 3 of them in order to pass. So, I chose 3 of them and look at the beauty of the question paper, those 3 questions which I chose had the same answer but they were differently framed. A guy like me decides to spend his day with things he loves and suddenly someone important inspires him to do what he dislikes and gets a question paper in which he knows only one answer. How can he clear the test?

But I answered this time. It happened to me before. Two questions which were different but had a common answer. So, I had written the answer to one question and wrote this to another one ‘Please refer to answer 4 (a) for the better explanation.‘. I got zero. But I didn’t do it today. So, I did ctrl+C and ctrl+V and came back. I’m failing again.

So, this is how life plays with me.

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Despite these shits, I’m the luckiest because I know my shit. I run it. I rule it. I always find joy in these kinds of stupid situations which are arisen by the human beings only. We are so busy with jobs which we really hate that we forget to have a look at the things which we like. Maybe, you liked painting when you were in the school and now you are working for a firm which you don’t like because you think painting doesn’t kill the hunger. You make a shit mental blueprint of your shit thinking. For me, the luckiest ones are those who transform their hobbies into their profession. 

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Exams aren’t bad as long as we find other ways to get employed. When we find them, it will be demolished. But the education will remain the same. And whenever it comes to choose between education and examination, gladly choose education.

And always remember

it is a fool who scores high and doesn’t know that a generator doesn’t generate anything.

Do you hate examinations_ Let's sit together and write the history..jpg




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