Please Evolve, Folks!

We are living in a world, where people are more focused on capturing their smiles than living the moments. A world where the level of happiness depends on the number of likes. A world where smartphones use stupid humans and that’s why we call them โ€˜smartphonesโ€™. And there is one more serious disease called tagging. Let’s not talk about this. Everyone will stand against me.

Forget all the cell phones, books, videos, songs, talks, complicated equations and just focus on one thing. And that is what you are now is the result of whatever you have done till now.ย Your actions are connected. What you eat, what you feel, what you say, what you see, what you think, what you do, everything is connected. And this connection reshapes us everyday without our knowledge.


The sheer beauty of this is more wonderful than our imagination. We imagine the future every day because we are afraid of it. You work hard so that your family can sleep well. You check your car before every long journey because you are afraid of what if something happens at 90 Kph. You check your stationery before any exam because you imagine if something goes wrong. And it is necessary. Without this essential fear, we can’t build the future. From your pen to taking a test, everything is connected.

Rejections, setbacks, bad breaks, disappointments, failures, loses are connected to you. It’s not the time to memorize what you have lost. It’s the time to cherish what you have gained so far. It’s not the time to remember people who left you. It’s the time to celebrate with your loved ones. It’s not the time to focus on what went wrong. It’s the time to start fresh and with more power. Everyone has lost something. Everyone has faced bad moments, even the people whom you admire the most. But they don’t live down there.

I want you to take your eyes away from that ‘smartphone’ and start seeing the beauty around you. Stop using the messaging service, and go out and help people. Help that old lady who can’t lift the bag full of groceries. Help that old man whose moped is not starting. If you aren’t doing anything like me then you can help people. See people. Watch their actions. And understand that everyone and everything is connected.

By the way, if you seek likes on your snaps, worry about your pic on social networking sites, spend too much time checking your phone even before any meeting, and let others decide your level of happiness. Then, you are a SHIT.

Everything is connected.

One life. Live well.



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  1. This is so true. we are so busy with gadgets that we forget to praise beauty around us.

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