Pakistan : An Untold Story


Both India and Pakistan got freedom at same time, prior they were as one nation ,
they both had same quantity of resources, same arable land ratio compare to population, same birth rate and same economy.
But now Pakistan have high birth rate, poor economy, low output of agricultural products, weak army. This is all even after high financial aid of U.S. instead India never got any such aid from any nation as India is itself the founding member of Non-Align Movement ( NAM ) and never joined any group of US or USSR.
There was only one difference in between India and Pakistan at the time of freedom i.e. Pakistan was a Islamic republic country and India was Hindu major democratic-secular nation.

Here secularism provides us freedom of expression and helps us to think logically !!

Why India is a secular state? It is not because of Politicians or Muslims or people of other religion. It because of Hindus. If that had not been the case the BJP and RSS would have got absolute majority and would remain in power forever.

Which is not the case. Because, the majority population of India, which is Hindu rejects the very idea of a theological state and believes in democracy. Some might disagree but Vaishali in ancient India was first democracy of the world, where ministers were chosen to run the affairs of the state. In Vedic age too Kulpati the head of Kutumb was chosen.

Muslims where ever in majority would do what Pakistan did. And Turkey is going to follow. Renouncing the idea of Kamal Ataturk. Due to Kamal Ataturk Turkey was only Muslim majority country which did not fall into the trap of theological state.

Democracy is fundamental to development, which Prof Amartya Sen has elaborately described in his book. But the type of governance Pakistan has had is laughable. ISI goes left, Army goes right and Rest do not know whom to follow.

Do you remember , when Parvej Musaraff’s Army took control of Pakistan, people were seen distributing sweets among themselves. There was no protest whatsoever as you are presently witnessing in Thailand.

Have you seen the Pakistan cricket team. Everybody becomes devout muslim once something bad happens to them. They grow beard and are more interested in 5 times namaz than excelling in sports and honing their skills. Its not that they are not talented or good players. But their present approach is ruining them.

You can give examples of other Muslim countries where they are more prosperous standard of living is high, and that is due to their progressive approach as compared.

You can count on fingers the number of scientists of repute that Muslim world of 1.3 billion has produced. How many Pakistanis do you know who have excelled in any field of science. How many Pakistanis do you know who have excelled in Art, literature.
(do not count the cricket team and Sufi singers).

Mostly they spend their energy and resources in fighting with India or with Terrorism, which they themselves sponsor.

Why do you argue that the Pakistani military has neither run the country effectively nor allowed others to run it?

Well, because they are not trained to be economists or how to run businesses although the military manages a lot of businesses once they retire. They are not trained to be politicians. Being a politician is a difficult skill to acquire. People cannot be ordered about, especially Pakistanis. As a politician, you have to find common interests by working with people who dislike each other; Pakistan needs to develop a true political class.

In Pakistan, the military has identified enemies among its fellow-citizens. If you demonise your own people, you are in deep trouble. I mean you can’t treat the Bengalis or the Baloch, or other ethnic or religious minorities the way you treat foreign enemies. That’s the route to catastrophe, as we have seen both in Pakistan and other countries that have given up on pluralism and tolerance and headed down the road to self-destruction.

They have a very Big dream !

Which is to become the leader of Islamic world. They claimed that they are the world’s first Islamic Atomic Power nation . Their claim infuriated many Muslim countries as all of them want to become leader of Islamic world. Turkey in its aspiration to become a leader sent flotillas to Philistine. So its all a game. Egypt fought two wars with Israel and is now receiving 2 billion dollars or US aid every year. So naturally it has blocked Gaza Strip. Saudi Arabia too has similar aspirations, so it helps US for all purposes.

Pakistan has fallen into a trap of Aid, once the terrorism ends US will stop providing aid. So it will never put a lid on terrorism. China, the most selfish and shrewd nation of the world is encouraging it for its own benefits.

Recently , Bangladesh’s Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says Pakistan needs to be isolated for “harbouring terrorists and supporting terror acts”.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan also pulled out of the SAARC Summit in Islamabad in November, indirectly blaming Pakistan for creating an environment which was not right for successful holding of the meet, resulting in its collapse.

Today there is no need to worry about Pakistan since it is already on a path of self destruction. It supports terrorism and  is dependent on Bakshish  from China. That day is not far when it will become Chini-stan or ??


8 thoughts on “Pakistan : An Untold Story

  1. Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a information! existing here at this blog,
    thanks admin of this web page.

  2. I’m yaqoob from jammu and kashmir. Her is very thing block of social media activities because we kashmire use this social media and upload our victimised story .but Indian government not like they are exposed in worldwide so help us …

  3. Is india still secular?
    what one starts as its policy doesn’t mean it forever remains one. what is counted is how you leave , not how you started. what persists is counted

    1. Firstly India has been secular since time immemorial. Since the time of Vedas we believed in the mantra of “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Maa Kashchitt Dukha Bhagbhavet” meaning May All Be Happy and Prosperous, May All Be Free From Illness, May All Life Be Auspicious, No One Becomes a Partaker of Sorrow. The whole sanatan philosophy is based on two core values i.e. toleration and secularism. These values are also mentioned in Indian constitution under Article 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
      India, was secular, is secular, and will remain secular.

  4. No need to apologize ! everybody knows the current situation of Pakistan ( chinistan LOL) except their own people.

  5. Dear Then why you are worried for Pakistan ?

    1. hello! Sayed Rehan , I am not worried as I said in the post itself , Pakistan is in news recently so I had posted some stuff related to it, the views expressed are not personal but general. You find these unanswered questions , these opinions about Pakistan all around the world. I think there is nothing offensive in the post, and still if it hurt your sentiments i apologize ! 🙂

    2. Our philosophy firmly believe in a good neighbor. If Pakistan will progress it will good not only for pakistan but for whole South Asian region. It will be better for peace, progress and stability in whole Indian Subcontinent. But if Pakistan will become more unstable in future it will not only create threat to the Pakistan but also to India, bcz India will face a huge refugee crisis, that India had faced in 1970s and the rest is history….

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