One Nightmare

dragon_beast_of_khalazas_by_vampireprincess007Again it happened. I fell down from my bed last night. I had a nightmare. I don’t know what it was. It was a beautiful world, full of vivid colors. It had so many astonishing things. But there was one thing that attracted my attention. It was a sort of beast. A dragon. It was sleeping quietly, but I troubled it. I think that was the reason, it chased me. Actually, it killed the person who was with me. Some random person. But it didn’t kill me and I escaped. At least I didn’t get myself killed this time. Then I fell down and got up.

No, it is not about my nightmare. It’s all about what I did. In spite of having good things around me, I got attracted toward that beast. And I had to face the consequences. You know what, that’s what people do every day. We forget about the good things and start caring about the things which we are not supposed to care about. And get hit.

And whatever you are caring about right now, you have to face the consequences like I did in that world. No matter what you are doing, stop caring about wrong things. Your time is limited. So stop focusing on wastes. Redefine what you care about.

Sometimes, we care about people who don’t deserve our care. Sometimes, we care about the meetings which will not make anything happen. The best part is, we care about the money every time. Ha. Money is just a factor of ‘HOW’. How are you going to make your vision into reality? Here money comes into the picture. But you know, it’s not about the HOW, it’s all about the WHAT. How you are going to do is none of your concern. But what you are going to do must be your business.

So, in spite of many distractions, care about what you deserve not what you want.

In life, you don’t get what you want, you get what it gives. And it gives what you deserve.

Caring about unnecessary things is like driving a vehicle at night which has no headlamps.

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