My Miserable Generation

We are living in a world where the sunset looks more beautiful on social media than on the horizon. Thanks to a lot of filters.

Social networking sites are very wonderful. They are so wonderful that ‘pseudo-modern people’ use them for various bullshit purposes. When a teen feels down, he/she texts to his/her friends like Hi!, Hi!, Heya!, Hey!, Hi!, and… And then he/she expects someone to text back. If no one does it in 15 minutes, he/she gets upset heavily. And if someone does it, maybe another miserable teen on the other side who was waiting for someone to text him/her, he/she feels like he/she has achieved a great thing today. Many of you wouldn’t admit it because it is in our nature not to accept the truth easily. Look at the motion of fingers when someone passes by. Their heads are down and thumbs move rapidly as if they are hacking someone’s bank account with two thumbs.


No. It is not the fault of gizmos around us. It is the fault of people around us. From the public transport to a public park, everyone does the same. And kids learn from them and then they copy. Nowadays, friends influence us more than our parents. 

Look around yourself, folks. What have you done? Teens are dying from alcohol, drug overdose, and depression. The suicide rate is increasing every year. And the root cause is their low self-esteem. They are considered stupid when they can’t solve a couple of problems in the classroom. Parents, friends, teachers, and relatives compare them every time. And nobody gives a shit. It has become a bullshit tradition. 

And the only way to change this is changing your damn mindset. Look, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t start Facebook to make people stupid. He started so that everyone can stay connected, anyone can grow his/her business, anyone can meet exciting and like-minded people every day, anyone can showcase what he/she is doing and other valuable things. 

Who should take care of this?

Parents and teachers. These people can influence teens more than anyone. Parents should know social networking sites aren’t for texting, tweeting or throwing bullshit. They should learn how to advertise, how to grow a business, how to make contact with other useful organizations, how to publish useful data and the most important thing is how to make those sites better. On the other hand, teachers should learn how to teach. Seriously, it is true. They don’t know how to teach.

It is not about getting into the minds, it is about making the students feel.

Teachers aren’t bad. They just need some advancement, not a high payment. In spite of punishing a student who couldn’t complete his/her homework, try to talk to him/her. You will come to know many things which you never experienced when you were a kid or teen.

And teens, everything looks simple if you believe in yourself. Your life can become a lot better if you do what you love. No complex equations. Just do what you love. 

This is Shubham Paul and I’m a human.

Good day!

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