Maneka Gandhi’s Response @ A Petition By An Indian)

Dear People,

I have received a petition from where a mother and daughter have insisted that father’s name should not be mentioned in the passport. The petition involved a case where the father had abandoned the mother and the Court had granted custody of the child to the mother. The current guidelines for passports warrant the name of the father as a mandatory requirement.

The Delhi High Court in May 2016 stated that it was not essential to mention the father’s name if the mother and child so desired. Statistics reveal that number of single parents in the country is increasing both by way of conscious decision or by breakdown of marriages.

I have asked the Minister for External Affairs Smt. Sushma Swaraj to get necessary modifications done in the rules for issuance of passports.

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Thank you,
Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
Union Minister For Women and Child Development

Petition Update- by Priyanka Gupta, India

Friends, please help me in saving children of single parents to go through the mental harassment through which my child went.

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