Living in la–la land?

“We’re planning to see ‘La La Land’ in Prasad’s today. Does the title mean anything?”

“La-la land is an expression used in informal contexts in American English. When you say that someone is in ‘la-la land’, you mean that the person has no clue what is going on around him. He is out of touch with reality.”

“Like some of our politicians, I guess! How about this example? If you think that cricket is still a gentleman’s game, you’re living in la-la land.”

“Sounds good! It’s difficult to talk to Ganesh. Most of the time he’s off in la-la land.”

“I think I understand what la-la land means. Can we…”

“The expression is also used to refer to the city of Los Angeles.”

“Los Angeles? But what’s the connection between….”

“Los Angeles is usually abbreviated to LA. And one of the things that LA is famous for is Hollywood.”

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