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I’ve been taking exams for many years. And I always try to find something good in test papers and haven’t got anything except the quality of the paper’s material. No problem. I close my eyes and take the exam. After a few minutes of deep thinking, I always encounter a question which has ‘EXPLAIN BRIEFLY’ kind of words. They expect students to explain a thing in a brief manner. According to Cambridge dictionary, the meaning of those words are as follows:

Explain:  to make something clear or easy to understand by describing or giving information about it.

Briefly: using few words or without giving a lot of details.

Now, a student like me thinks how to make this thing happen. If you write briefly, no good marks will be given and if you explain it, then folks, you are not fit for the education system because you have no common sense.

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But in light of that sort of questions, life is full of ‘EXPLAIN BRIEFLY’. Break a vase and you need to tell your mom why it happened and you shouldn’t talk too long because by doing this, she would feel you are lying. You couldn’t complete your homework last night because you were painting but can’t explain it briefly to a teacher who doesn’t care about your painting. There are many which you can easily find.

What I want to say is this has a direct connection to what you do. You have a limited amount of time. You need to decide whether you want to live an average life or not. Many would say, “This guy doesn’t make sense. I’m happy with my average life. It’s peaceful.” For those who feel like this, there is a question for you.

Why do you care about when Kim Kardashian buys a new car? 

Folks, you’ve one life. Only one. No reborn shit. You need to figure out what you need to do in a limited amount of time. It’s going to take time, but don’t stop until you find what you love and start working on it. You have to explain what you are by doing good things but in a limited time.

Stop making bullshit; Talk less; Do more

Because you don’t have to answer everyone… 

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