Life Doesn’t Give Chocolates

It was a wonderful beginning of what we were doing. We were working hard. No doubt. Thanks to my partner. But we got stuck somewhere in the middle and 3 days back, we came to a point where everything seemed immatured. Whatever we were doing was not so efficient and now we have to start fresh. We worked for many months and it just went nowhere. In simple words, life didn’t give me chocolates. Doesn’t matter. I’m taking rest now and will start working soon and this time, no bullPile of Poo on Apple .

Let’s not talk about me because I’m an insane. Let’s talk about sane ones. People are so afraid to see the big picture everytime they encounter opportunities. They grab those ones which look familiar to them and discard those ones which are far beyond their imaginations because they believe they will never make them happen. And there are sane ones who just claim that they are going to change everything and end up executing no Pile of Poo on Apple .

I dare you.

If you are so visionary, show me.

Reading articles, thinking what you have read, watching videos, memorizing facts and figures and feeling down won’t take you anywhere. If you feel that you have enough knowledge then execute.

Execution Vs. Dreaming. Execution wins every time.

Opportunities are everywhere, humans. Grab them and perform. And don’t forget to praise them. And when you know your inner values and start executing what you’ve planned, you will no longer need any motivation. I won’t have to write these things. There would be no category like ‘Motivation’ on this blog (no hard feelings).

And yes, I should write this too. Thanks for offering me this wonderful opportunity for writing articles on this blog, my beautiful sister. I firmly believeย you will again send me ‘digitalized chocolate’ Chocolate Bar on Apple iOS 6.0ย  which view really sucks, doesn’t have the rich choco aroma and on the top of that, I can’t consume it. Thanks again.

One life. Many opportunities. One bet.

Winking Face on Apple

10 thoughts on “Life Doesn’t Give Chocolates

    1. Thank you and live well. That’s all I can say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. hahaha. you’re really insane shubham. ๐Ÿฆ. this time you really need this ice cream to cool down your brain. so, you failed again? better luck next time. ๐Ÿ™‚ . keep going.

    1. Yes, again. But the best thing is, nobody’s counting. ‘Digitalized ice cream’, huh?
      Troubling the devil?
      Take care of yourself. Don’t study too much.

      1. i miss you bro. seriously.

        1. My spaceship is repaired. It’s way faster than Hyperloop. Shall I come there?

          1. oh! great, poor humans. please come.
            what about your laser sword?
            rescue. afterall we’re from same clan now. remember.

            1. Hahaha, I almost forgot that. By the way, that was a laser gun, not a sword. Remember?

              1. haha. yes, it was a gun ๐Ÿ™‚

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