Learning: More Than A Process

I’m learning more than what I expected 4 years ago. It’s really true that I know what I’m doing and what I’m creating every day. I would love to talk about what I do and more than that, I would love to hear what kinds of amazing things you do. Great things need great work and above that, they need patience.

Do great things exist?

No. They never did and never will. If you really feel that your smartphone is one of the greatest things you can possess, then let me tell you that it was once someone else’s dream which came true. Those dreamers worked not for a great thing but for their visions which they believed in. If you really think that you are doing great things, then you are already retired. Do it first and let people call it a great thing. Never claim that you are changing the society unless you have really changed it. Great things don’t exist. It’s the perception of people around you. Look at a kid who is 4 years old and paints a picture of a village scene. It may look odd to you since you are grown up but it is a great piece of art for him. 

Credit: Pixabay

 How to create great things?

If you had understood my points, then you would have stopped reading this. But it’s the human brain which wants to explore more. That’s natural. And we always seek ways to do things easily which leads us down all the time. No shortcuts, folks. There is no way to create great things. I don’t know. All I know is you just need to love what you do. 

Should you listen to me?

Credit: Pixabay

I would be happy but nobody cares. So, you must learn one thing every day. One thing which takes you one level up. Learn every day. And when you have learned something, go back and help someone learn. Then proceed. Learn again. Help again.  I would like to leave you with this.

What did you learn yesterday?


 Have a great day, folks!  




4 thoughts on “Learning: More Than A Process

  1. You are right.
    My blog– roopkumar2012

  2. I like this. Very inspiring. I am learning about a lot of things everyday, and I hope that if ever someone needs to learn from me, I’ll be able to give them something useful.

    1. That’s really impressive. One inch at a time. Don’t lose the grip.

      1. I won’t. Thank you for the reply. 🙂

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