Dalhousie to Dara Shikoh

New Delhi Municipal Council passed a proposal to change the name of Dalhousie Road to Dara Shikoh road. Dara Shikoh was the elder brother of Mughal emperor Aurganzeb. Today the road, named after Lord Dalhousie who served as governor general of India from 1848-56.

Know about Dara Shikoh:

He was the eldest son of fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, had promoted the peace and concord between the followers of Hinduism and Islam, and has interest in comparative religions, universal brotherhood, humanism and peace. In fact, the library in Delhi named after him is a live example of his desire to acquire more knowledge. He was a great patron of fine arts and music, and took his last breath in Delhi.

Know about Lord Dalhousie:

He belonged to an aristocratic family of Scotland. Earlier he had served as the President of the Board of Trade. He is regarded as one of the greatest Governor-General of India.

He was great both in war and peace. He introduced a number of reforms which paved the way for the modernisation of India and also earned the title, “Maker of the Modern India”. He believed that, “the promotion of civilization meant the promotion of western reforms, that western administration and western institutions were as superior to Indian as Western arms had proved more potent.”


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