Involvement Of Youth In Crimes

These days the news of thief, burglary and murders have increased but what is more threatening is that average age of criminals are decreasing day by day. Many reports suggest an increase in involvement of youth in crimes and this phenomenon has reached an alarming level.

Many experts are of view that unemployment is the foremost cause of increased crime rate among youth. Many young graduates restore to looting and stealing of valuable items to meet their daily money needs. Lack of jobs are a great cause of frustration among young people. A study has confirmed that at-least 60% of young criminals are unemployed.

Deteriorating family values and condition is another reason for high rates of teenage crime. There is a famous quote β€œWe Are What We See”. Family relationships are getting worse day-by-day and teenagers are subject to parental fighting and domestic violence which in turn give rise to Juvenile violence. With lack of parental supervision, the moral and emotional condition of children and youth has deteriorated.

As a society we can do lot more things to remedy this situation. There is need for more policies and schemes to provide employment to young individuals. More employment opportunities will create way to financial and mental stability thus resulting in lesser number of individuals resort to criminal activities.

Parents must find ways to spend more time with our children. Take out family time from the busy office hours to have a healthy discussion time with their children to know whats going in their mind and life. Parents should be supportive and loving towards their young ones.

More awareness programs should come up to highlight the importance of education in one’s life. Especially higher education can provide more opportunities to youngsters thus reducing the chances of them involving in crime.

We, as a society are only responsible for this phenomenon and with restoring to appropriate steps like creating more job opportunities, family-friendly policies in work, lowering cost of living and building stronger marriages, we can bring the crime rate among young to a much lower level. After all children are our future.

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22 thoughts on “Involvement Of Youth In Crimes

  1. Interesting article! I agree that education is very important to continue the rehabilitation process and stop the cycle of crime. However, I think we need to not limit this to just the inmates, and start educating businesses on giving ex offenders a chance to prove themselves, especially in youths. We can end the cycle of crime if we arm both criminals, businesses, and society with education.

    If you have time I’d appreciate if you could check out my campaign on educating small business owners in Australia to help stop this stigma and end the cycle of crime.
    Twitter: @YouthReoffend
    Facebook: @NSWYouthReoffenders

    1. Thank you for letting us know about your campaign. I appreciate your efforts.

  2. I’m glad someone talked about it πŸ‘

  3. Good article !
    Now days youth is getting after the money at any cost .

  4. Amazing article Ritu, Keep posting on social awareness issues. Thank You.

  5. So true. I worry about the upcoming generations. Pretty soon all the doctors and nurses, technology experts, and teachers will be wiped out (retired) and replaced with a whole new generation. Where are we headed as a society? Makes ya think..

    1. Ya, It may happen

  6. Ritu, keep sharing and awakening folks.

    1. Oh, I will try to. Howdy, Berni

      1. Are you back from vacation?

        1. Yes, Thanks for all your writings at RT. I always appreciate your thoughts. I am looking forward to your amazing articles.

          1. You’re welcome. It was my pleasure. I wish I had more time to write!! I’m grateful for the opportunity you provided.

            1. Thank You Berni, Blessed to have you as an Author at RT.

  7. Another thing might be materialism that fascinates youngsters and when they can’t afford things they try stealing …which wouldn’t be happening if they are more attached to parents and their parents are guiding them.
    Nice one πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    1. Yes-Yes, Thanks for the input. Appreciate.

  8. πŸ‘

  9. Thats awesome…
    You have covered all the point which one reader could actually think while reading. That really nice thing that you have idea about which points should be covered in article. Really impressive… keep it up dearπŸ€—

    1. I value your feedback Shubham, It encourages me to write more. If you really find this article useful do share it. Thanks.

  10. Interesting article. You see, we tend to be a reformative society, with a hinge of restorative traits as well. Unfortunately, instead of reforming the convicts, or law itself for the time being, we have attuned ourselves to a punishment seeking justice mechanism. In pursuance of which we are witnessing a rise in the crime rate.
    Ofcourse, there are several factors affecting it, but prima facie, our failure to identify the wrongs in our implementation mechanism turns out to be a major contributor.

    Keep up the good writing.

    1. I agree. Thanks for elaborating and connecting the dots. You’re actually talking bout the condition in India.

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