Where Holy Cow Matters More

The Bombay High Court on 27 Jan 2017 upheld the beef ban imposed by the state of Maharashtra, where the killing of cows, bulls and bullocks was banned completely, punishable by a maximum penalty of INR 10,000 (approximately AUD 200) or imprisonment of up to five years or both.


A man sexually assaulted hundreds of schoolgirls over 12 years. He was arrested once for 6 months but after he got out of jail, he continued raping young girls. Some of them were just 9-years-old.
How can we as a society let this happen?

I feel appalled by the fact that every 20 minutes a woman is raped in India.

After the Nirbhaya case, the country was up in arms about the safety of women. In the past 4 years, little has changed. A 6-year-old schoolgirl was raped by a gym instructor in a Bangalore school. A girl was raped by a Uber driver in Delhi who was a repeat offender and was also involved in a rape case for which he spent 7 months in jail.

If there is a list compiled by the National crime bureau with all the records of convicted sex offenders, it will ensure that rapists and sexual assaulters are not employed by schools and are tracked throughout their life.

In countries like the US and the UK, the sex offender registry has been hailed a success. This is because the national register has all details on the convict and tracks every update in his life. Sexual offenders have to report to authorities routinely and keep them informed about their plans.

In India, there is no such centralised record. Having a sex offender registry will make it a lot easier for the police to track and apprehend serial offenders.India need to start a National sex offender registry to track those convicted of sex offences.

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