I Do. Do You?

I feel it’s going to rain here. But more than the rain, I like the weather before the rain. Cool breeze. No sunlight. Black clouds hover all around. And when it rains, everything stops. Even the traffic. People start finding shelters to avoid getting wet like they are made of paper. But some of them, step out and start enjoying the rain. Because they are not made of paper. They are humans. No matter what, we know how to enjoy. We know the fact that rain is not going to destroy us. And with this fact, we enjoy.

The best part comes when you get fully wet and cool breeze starts. That coolness gives birth to a calmness. Even though you know that doing this could lead to cold and cough, but you do it anyway. Because during that time your heart is controlling you. Your heart is saying that this is the right time to enjoy. Trust me, there was no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. There is only present.

Then, why do we lose faith during bad breaks? We enjoy ourselves in the rain, but forget to enjoy the bad moments. No moments are bad. It’s our perception that leads to an unfair judgment. No matter what, you must know that you have the courage to follow your heart even when you feel down. We are here to make wonderful moments. Moments don’t make us.

So, stop being a paper human and step out of your comfort zone and start enjoying the rain. Because nobody knows whether it will rain tomorrow or not.


6 Replies to “I Do. Do You?”

    1. Oh, yes. What if everyone possesses this sort of attitude? We can do more wonderful things. Ultimately, we can push the mankind forward. Thanks again.

  1. So very powerful and true… and sometimes impossible to do. I think when you get so lost in the dark, you forget what the light feels like, the warmth, and it can feel impossible to experience anything but fear that dark is all there will ever be. But it only takes one glimmer, or even just the memory what a glimmer felt like, to instill hope, and faith in that hope, is the only thing that can allow us to smile under the weight of seemingly relentless clouds.

    1. WOW! Really made me think again. Because it is only us who think there is no light. We forget to seek for the stones which can help us to ignite a little spark in those dark times. In life, stones could be anyone or anything. Find your stones and never lose the faith.
      Thank you for your contribution. Cheers.

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