Hey, Wonder Woman!

This is not going to be inspirational because there is something else which people need to know more than inspiration. I feel people need to know the beauty of being strong. The strength doesn’t come from the body because a body has limitations but your mind doesn’t. The body is a tool and the mind is the motherboard. Program the mind, the body will automatically follow your instructions.

Let me make it simple. This is especially for women. People talk about ‘Women Empowerment’ (I appreciate). And they do conduct campaigns to make women aware of their strengths and rights. And that’s a really good thing. At least, good people do exist. So, there is a lady who just attended such a programme, where she was taught some basic self-defence techniques. Actually, the leaders of the campaign are pretty concerned. So, they hold it every week. And the lady attends every time. And one night (they hate sunlight), 4 men interrupt that lady. What would she do? Obviously, she would be willing to use her set of skills which she has got. But, there are 4 men.

4 men Vs. 1 lady

If I were in her shoes, I would have fought. But there were 4 men. Come on folks, not everyone knows how to tackle 4 men at a time. Personally speaking, I haven’t attended or conducted any event like this because I haven’t found the best way. Maybe, we are training wrong ones. Maybe, we should teach men. Not to fight, but to discipline them. And this could be very foolish (most probably) because if you ask anyone, “Hey! You are a man; You should discipline yourself. Do attend this campaign. It’s free (the cheapest way to attract).” The man replies, “Get out of my face.”

I’m damn sure, no one would care about it. And whatever is happening here won’t change if we keep applying old methods. No woman is ‘Wonder Woman’. Generally, I speak first whenever I meet awesome people or I throw ideas in meetings and I don’t care what idea I have, I just pull them out my skull and then I ponder. But in this field, no ideas inside my skull. Maybe, I should work harder to gain more experiences in my life so that one day this problem can be solved.

But this time, I can only recommend you to be strong. If you are a girl, instead of spending time in reality shows, learn some basic techniques like you can use a magazine to defence, or your car’s key, or the heel of the sandal, or lipsticks. Just spend 1 hour and I bet you, it will refresh your mind too. It’s fun actually. Like, research; apply; research; apply.

Meanwhile, I’ll be trying something different and I would be grateful if you can help me.
And don’t forget to warm yourselves up before starting anything. It helps to connect your muscle to your mind.



And trust me, this is the universal truth, no one’s going to help you. People may show you the path. But it’s you who has to walk on it.


Be independent. Be fearless.


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